After Christmas by NT Franklin


After Christmas
by NT Franklin

Christmas was over, I needed to kill. Christmas didn’t mean anything to me and I had seven days to kill every week. She liked Christmas and He liked that Christmas was over. She liked me and He did not. Most things were like that. It used to be just She and me, but now He was always here. I stayed out of his way because He would kick me or try to hurt me if She wasn’t looking.

I prowl around the house and yard for intruders and kill them. Their bodies are carried inside and put in my special place in the basement. She would take care of them. She protects me. Others may have suspected, but nothing was ever said about my killing.

I practiced my craft constantly. Silently stalking and creeping, She would tell me to settle down if I came too close. Recently I’ve become braver. I will practice sneaking up and stalking him. He will never see it coming. Maybe he will go and it will be She and me again.

Creeping silently across the floor where He is reading a newspaper, I am close. No sign of recognition yet so I advance slowly. And I pounce!

“Christ Janet! Your Goddamn crazy cat just attacked my foot. That thing’s gotta go.”

* * * * THE END * * * *
Copyright NT Franklin 2016

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2 Responses

  1. NT Franklin says:

    Thanks for reading my story!

  2. Konnor says:

    Cute. The picture gave away the surprise ending.

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