Love is Blind by Kristy Kassie

Love is Blind by Kristy Kassie

“Bathroom break before I leave the mall,” Cassie called.

“Sure,” Brogan said from behind the dressing room curtain. “But we’re already late for the meeting.”

“We are not.” Cassie rolled her eyes and laughed. She shifted the shopping bags in her hand. “Behave or I won’t do this.”

“Yes you will. You owe me.”

Cassie kicked herself for being lulled into old patterns. She was the one who “had made their breakup public” so now launching him into single life was her responsibility. There was no more “we” where they were concerned.

Brogan emerged and posed in front of a full-length mirror. Surveying the blue Speedo hugging his taut buttocks and the sleek dip of the material beneath his toned abs, Cassie struggled to remain dispassionate. Body of a Greek God and morals of a pirate was how the latest gossip summed him up. She hated how small the blind community was.

“Fits well,” she managed. “If it’s comfortable, pay and let’s go.” Mentally, she checked off his triathlon shopping list: running shoes, jockstrap – thank God she hadn’t had to approve that fit – Speedo and goggles. She had to wonder at a world where there was a blind guys’ triathlon team but where said blind guys still needed help shopping. And if exes weren’t their go-to helpers, who else was supposed to do it – their sisters and mothers?

“So Ashley says we have no spark,” Brogan said as they shouldered their way onto the train. “And that was after she used all my bloody tissues. What the hell is ‘spark’? Did you and I have spark?”

“The – the switch from lust to attraction, I suppose,” Cassie mumbled.

Brogan snorted. “Ashley had no objection to lust when I pounded her. But then she turns on the waterworks because I tell her the headaches since her mom died is a physical manifestation of her own weakness.”

“What made you say you loved me?” Cassie watched signboards, fencing, greenery blur beyond the train window. She remembered his exact words from nine years ago. She doubted he did.

“Dunno. It seemed like the right thing to say at the time.” Brogan frowned. “Why are you getting all bent out of shape?”

Their stop was announced. Cassie moved swiftly off the train, along the platform to the stairs. “Let’s go meet this guy selling you his bike. I have things to do.”

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