Snowden Storm by Gary Ives


Snowden Storm
by Gary Ives

Was it Berlin, or Moscow, Vienna and perhaps Kiev?  But where the Snowden Storm began is really inconsequential.  The important thing is how fast the Storm spread.  Within two days of Edward Snowden’s assassination the Storm had circled the globe.

From the platform at Moscow Metro’s Filyovskaya Station Snowden had been shoved beneath the wheels of a Sunday evening train.  No witnesses.  The Russians blamed the CIA which blamed the Russians.  Various rebel groups representing Chechnya, Dagestan, and splinter Islamist groups claimed credit simply to gain publicity.  Whoever threw Snowden beneath the wheels of the train had unleashed the power of The Storm.

Simultaneously preplaced computers in the Falkland Islands, Reykjavik, Recife, Capetown, and Gaza information previously withheld by Snowden began streaming, information revealing infinitesimal details related to spying by the Americans and Brits:  names and addresses of collaborating bankers, judges, industrialists, professors, police, journalists, communications executives and technicians, lists after lists of suspect military officers, politicians, and citizens, revelations of contingency plans for planned starvation throughout India, Africa and the Mideast, of secret American support of Isreali syndicates, Mexican drug cartels, of intricate food distribution plans to be managed by Archer Daniel Midlands through WalMart and McDonalds in the event of civil disorder, and plans for massive  international detention camps across North America and in Northern Ireland.  The flood of so many sinister secrets triggered by Snowden’s death precipitated a fury of protest.

Hostile mobs crowded outside American embassies around the world.  Giant posters of Snowden appeared everywhere.  As the names of NSA agents and collaborators percolated through the data, their homes were surrounded by cordons of police for protection.  By Wednesday National Guard units in fourteen states and the District of Colombia were activated.  Sand bagged gun emplacements on the White House south lawn and across the street in Lafayette Park supported the two tanks and armored personnel carriers protecting the President.  Black smoke rose from every direction as sirens howled day and night throughout every city on the East Coast.

Storming the broadcast studios and transmitter site of WCAU in Philadelphia a group calling itself “The Snowmen Avengers” demanded destruction of the NSA buildings at Ft. Meade, Md. as well as the new metadata facility in Utah by precision aerial bombing by the Air Force no later than noon on Thursday or risk detonation of preplaced strontium and cesium bombs in Washington, D.C., Salt Lake City, and San Francisco.  Detailed photographs of the bombs were broadcast and their efficacy corroborated by the Army and the CIA.

At six o’clock on Wednesday morning in the White House War Room the President nodded to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and said, “Release the bombers, instruct the pilots to proceed to the targets.”

The President of the United States felt the hands of the First Lady gently shaking his shoulders.

“Wake up, honey, wake up.  You’re having another nightmare, baby.”

Drenched in sweat he sat up wearily.  “Yeah, the same one I have every damned night.”

* * * * THE END * * * *
Copyright Gary Ives 2015

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