Book Review: One Crazy Day


Book Review: One Crazy Day by Jeffrey Frye
Published by Murder Slim Press

By the time you finish even first 20 pages of this book you will be planning your own big heist. Hollywood has long romanced the rebel who steals from the rich and removes his own poverty. Whether it is the Rat Pack in Ocean’s Eleven or the sexy pygmy cars in The Italian Job – you too cheer for the bad boys. They are not murderers or evil psychopaths. They are ordinary folk like you and me who everyday dream to stick it to the Man. The Feds. The all empowered Government. I just happened to go to a bank the day I read this tale (to drop a hard earned paycheck) and I was aroused by my base instinct’s observations. I was scoping out the place and noticing things and people I would never have cared a damn for. The book had entered my veins and I was eager to see what is possible inside the bank premises. I wouldn’t even need a getaway car because this city is so over-populated, you just walk out the building and disappear into the crowd. Perks of living in a bustling city with busy humans slaving like programmed zombies. Actually, this is why so many bombs are successfully planted by terrorists in Bombay – the crowd sees all and sees nothing at all. You just drift into the sea of people and do the deed and flow out the other current. What the frack am I talking about. Let us review the book instead.

Frye documents a decadent account of his delinquency. He is witty, funny and crazy. He admits to his drug addiction and the fact that he has the self-Gnosis of being “not-sane”. Yet, he completes complicated tasks like staking out, research, reconnaissance, bank robbery without violence or weapons, escape, making new friends, being kind to people (even strangers and shaggy street dogs), “dating” an ex-girlfriend over disposable phones, keeping up the appearances with old friends and casual sex. If you study him, you would probably befriend him. He is cool. Bad but cool. Criminal but not “evil”. I hope things improve for him and that he stays safe in prisons where death visits randomly without notice nor cause. I hope to read more of his adventures in his Bank Robber’s Blog. This is not a celebration of crime in any way. It is just one day in the life of one man. In these crazy days, this is actually entertaining. Wall Street pigs get a bonus. Frye gets 20 years in USP. If you liked the recent hit movie “The Wolf of Wall-Street”, have a look at the other end of the banking career. This is Gonzo Journalism revisited.

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