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CIRCUS SOLACE by Chris Castle

Genre: Young Adult, Adventure, Coming of Age

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Circus Solace by Chris Castle. A brilliant new Young Adult novella.

Circus Solace by Chris Castle. A brilliant new Young Adult novella.

“Time’s a little of a mystery when it comes to Moon-Dip history” ~ Marcus

“Circus Solace is a story about growing up, loss and being a child, in some ways, forever. It is a story about father and sons, friends and enemies, families lost and families re-forged in curious circumstances. It is fantastical and down to earth and explains why zombies need to juggle, if only for an hour a day.” ~

“A diner owner, a chameleon and a zombie are not surprising. What is surprising is that this story has already happened to so many of us. Metaphors. Meaning. Mazel-tov.” ~ Raymond Hamilton

Review from Raymond Hamilton: “Circus Solace is a glimpse of genius. As always Chris Castle weaves family, emotions, loss and friendships into one story and makes an epic heart-wrenching tale of relationships and the human condition. His grasp of human nature surpasses the best of qualified psychiatrists. Chris Castle has not written a children’s story as an adult. He has written a story for all adults using the perspective of innocent, all-loving, curious children. Therein lies the proof that we will hear Chris Castle’s name echo in literary circles soon enough.”


Circus Solace is a parable of the 20th century. A fable that narrates the decline of the modern man. Using the simple devices of a teenage story, Chris Castle paints a portrait of visible decadence in humanity. Our generation, as with the generation before us, have cared for now and worried not about tomorrow or the ones from yesterday. Circus Solace weaves a network of characters and incidents and instances where you say, “I can relate to that!”

If there ever was a man who has gauged humanity, who has understood every emotion, who has insight into the very everyday actions of modern citizens – it is the author Chris Castle. A teacher by profession, Chris Castle proves that he is in a noble profession and our children have a bright future in the nourishing hands of such educators.

As you read this novella, if you feel a tear-drop, let it drop. If you feel a sad smile, let it break upon your face. If you feel joy for a simple accomplishment, go ahead and cheer. The story is alive. The people in it are alive. You can name them. Re-name them as per the people in your own life. This book hits that close to home. Don’t worry about possibilities, or consequences, or absurdities. Look at it objectively and you can’t help but feel subjectively as to your own past experiences. Let the story consume you. As it devours you, page by page, it will invoke a spark. A little flame inside your heart asking you to be noble, be kind, be considerate. We are all in this together. We are floating and crashing across the galaxies in the same ship called planet Earth. Why be a stranger? Be a friend to have a friend. You own this ship. So does your neighbour. So does the dung beetle and the salmon swimming upstream. Take this epic tale of search, longing, discovery, passion and providence as a milestone after which you become the change you want in others.

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