DB’s Place by NT Franklin

DB’s Place by NT Franklin

Greg finally had his dream camp in the woods in his adopted state of Oregon. He wasted no time making it his own; the airplane ticky tack was quickly trashed and the last signs of retired Boeing engineer Joe Hooper were boxed. The camp was purchased from a Boston-based great niece who inherited the property and put it up for sale the same week.

On his way into the town of Sisters for supplies, Greg thought it was sad that no one wanted Hooper’s stuff; it meant something to him or he wouldn’t have had it here.

At the hardware store, Greg said to the owner, “I bought the Hooper place up in the woods and I plan to move a wall to give more of an open concept feeling.”

“Hooper’s place, huh? Joe more or less stopped using it shortly after I graduated from high school. my dad owned the store back then. Developed a bad limp about that time is about all I remember of him. Good luck, and we’re here for building supplies,” was the owner’s reply.

Back at his camp, Greg grabbed the new hammer and pry bar and started taking the tongue and groove off a nonloadbearing wall. Progress was slow with plans to reuse the paneling.

The bundles of cash stopped Greg dead in his tracks. The rubber bands had long deteriorated but there a lot of bundled $20 notes. In total, $194,000 in twenties was in the wall. A wallet with several sections of The Oregonian, dated Nov. 24, 1971, were in the wall. The wallet contained no cash and only a hand-made identification card stating it belonged to Dan Cooper. The newspaper described a plane Hijacking by D. B. Cooper.


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