The Trip by David Jenkins

The Trip
by David Jenkins

My head is throbbing. My breathing is haggard. My eyes won’t stop stinging but I made it. I’m going to be rich. I just need to take a few pain killers, don’t want the lads to know I’m in pain. An anchor glistens in the murky water and I can’t suppress my shudder. I almost died three times up there. Three bloody times.

The moment I left the sea I knew I was in a hostile environment. I can normally see a good twenty fathoms away but on reaching the surface all I could see was varying shades of green. As a result, I fell over several times on the uneven sand sending dust into my eyes which hampered my vision further. Rubbing my eyes with two of my tentacles I barely suppressed a scream as the sand proved stubborn. Minutes later, I stumbled to my feet the thought of becoming a millionaire just for grabbing a stupid souvenir drove me forward. With my vision still blurry I considered buying water goggles to keep my eyes hydrated next time. Before deciding there wouldn’t be a next time. A thudding sensation began in my head as I attempted to climb the stairs. I couldn’t contain a screech as the pressure increased. Cautiously I took a few steps back. I wasn’t thinking of returning to the water just catching my bearings, obviously, it’s dangerous climbing stairs when you’re not one hundred per cent. And I was far from that as seconds later I hit the ground. As the darkness claimed me, disappointment dominated my thoughts. I would never buy my own place. Never have servants. Nor see Merrick again.

An ache arose in my chest as I regained consciousness and I believed for a moment it was my broken heart. Then I saw the spear prodding for my chest and several humans clustered around me. I closed my eyes again faking death hoping they would leave. The spear stuck in deeper. Shock struck my body, my tentacles flung out causing the humans to scatter. I ripped the spear out and smiled, I had my prize. Then my brief surge of adrenaline died off and the headache returned with a vengeance. Distressed. Crying. Blind. I moved towards the sea. It felt like the sun was burning inside my head, my breath was getting shallower they must have damaged something. I walked as far as I could, then I crawled and finally I flopped into the sea. But that was over half an hour ago and nobody has come to see if I survived. I’d be angry if I wasn’t soon to become a millionaire just for ten minutes work.

* * * * THE END * * * *
Copyright David Jenkins 2019

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