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Free Shipping Worldwide: A Bullet for my Wife is glad to announce free worldwide shipping for all Paperback edition orders of “A Bullet for my Wife” placed by midnight 31-Dec-2013.

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So whichever festivities you are enjoying, Halloween or Christmas or New Year – you can pick a gift at for the rest of the year with this title.

The Highwayman’s life is such, too many people and too few relationships. These tales from distant roads describe with a pulp flavour the men on the run. They run from the law, from conformity, from daily grind, from love and from themselves. Indulge yourself in a fantastical world of adventure and possibility.

Raymond Hamilton writes fascinating variables of Biker Fiction, shifting from loner to posse riders and from murder to romance. His style is unique, voice murky and words playful. His protagonists battle small goons to organised crime syndicates. The female characters are daring lady-luck and baring their heart. Change of times, change of roads, change of heart – you will go through all as you revel in the raw tales in this collection of short-stories.

Crime is an inevitable truth of modern society. The urban cowboy rides over obstacles to justice, crushing the evil-doers while saving the damsel in distress.

The rider loves nothing but his iron horse, but he is lured into temptations on his journey; can he defeat the demons of his past chasing him.

A loner, riding to escape his faults, entangled in the corrupt society’s snare, he fights back to get what he always craves, freedom of flight from worldly charms.

Old friends, some buried some standing tall; can the wayfarer reignite old passions or is he left to pick up the pieces?

Ride into a futuristic world where the perfect synthetic humans betray their genetic origins to divide a civilisation.


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