“Karaoke” novella by Ilan Herman

Karaoke, a novella by Ilan Herman

ISBN: 978-1-304-26305-6

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“Ben is in jail on second degree murder but swears he’s innocent. He shares the cell with George, a convicted child molester, who insists he’d never harm a child. The story unfolds to reveal the truth. The cellmates get entangled in a prison gambling ring and bet on a horse named Karaoke, cause: Like a Karaoke machine can play any song, the horse can run in any weather and on any surface. Karaoke wins the race, but the outcome for Ben is nonetheless tragic, though not without romantic absolution.” ~ FreedomFiction.com

Excerpts from this epic crime adventure:
“There are numerous services that connect women with felons. Most are pen pals only and provide much needed distraction and hope for the incarcerated, but a fair amount also end up meeting each other and, few even become lovers.”

“The sun radiated billions of candles and the air was dry. The dead grass was crumbling. Soon the ground would swallow the once proud green blades, as the ground does to all—a cosmic sponge soaking, generously, the efforts made by God to reincarnate herself in a blade of grass, an oak tree, a human being, a DLL…no one knew the depth of God, the riddle so simple yet so complex—the agnostic flag raised to confess: ‘I know that I don’t know.’”

“You can’t always get what you want, but it you try real hard, you get what you need”

“Joey was as desperate as when he was eight and cowered under the kitchen table while his dad threw dishes at the walls (they shattered and showered the kitchen with sharp bits). He was trying, one last time, to please his father. That wasn’t going to happen because his father had been dead thirty years, yes, that’s how pathetic our attempt is to snare the past and wriggle it to fit our present….”

“The lingo was filled with acronyms (a section on the site helped me decipher them) such as YMMV—your miles may vary—she may do certain things, like DFK (deep French kissing) with one client but not with all clients. DATY meant dining at the Y and referred to whether the provider allowed the client to eat her out. BBBJ meant bare back blow job—she’ll suck your dick without a condom. A trip to Greece implied she takes it up the ass (for an extra 100 roses). FBSM stood for full body sensual massage, which amounted to a HJ—hand job. The most treasured and expensive category was GFE—girl friend experience, where you get to have sex like you’re with your girlfriend—dfk daty and bbbj—though still use a condom when plowing her promised land. Top notch providers—all quite beautiful—offered GFE for 500 dollars an hour.”

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