Pushcart Prize Nominees from FFJ: year 2012

Hello friends,

It gives me great pleasure to list the 6 nominees from FFJ for the Pushcart Prize for the year 2012. Each independent press or publisher is allowed to nominate 6 published works of the year. This is a difficult choice from the many we love and remember and cherish.

I am sure if you read these, you will agree they are quite accomplished in the craft of writing. My best wishes to all nominees for the prize which will be announced on April 2013. In chronological order of publication:

  • “The Eye Of The Beholder” by Rob Ambrose
  • “Dangerous” by Nicomedes Austin Suárez
  • “Sergeant Bert Dalton & the Hag” by Alan Dawson
  • “Can You Come Here For Christmas?” by Gary Ives
  • “The Monster Wrestler” by Josh Bugosh
  • “The Cunt Cleaner’s Hobby” by Raymond Hamilton

For more information on Pushcart Prize and its significance in the publishing industry please visit: http://www.pushcartprize.com/ or the Wikipedia article on the same.

Best Wishes,
Ujjwal Dey
Editor for FFJ Vol.04

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