FFJ PodCast Audio Books

FFJ presents podcasts – tiny audiobooks that are not books but short stories.

So now, you can enjoy www.freedomfiction.com on the go. As a bonus you get a free Indian accent which will add to your entertainment.

You can download these MP3 files or listen to them at the webpage – see links below.

Limitations faced:
1. YouTube refuses anything lengthier than 5 minutes.
2. iTunes requires a iMac and US Tax account among many other discouraging practices.
3. I thought to post it on Amazon MP3. At Amazon it can’t be free. But Amazon requires hi-definition audio (=higher file size).

Anyways, I created a channel on Internet Archive which is apt for a non-profit such as FreedomFiction.com

Audio Books:
1. The Railroad

2. Last Bus To Home Planet

3. Terrorism in my backyard

Best Wishes,
Ujjwal Dey
for Freedom Fiction Journal

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