FFJ Issue 12, Vol 04

Hello Freedom Friends,

Welcome to Twenty-Twelve! Hope all of you are seated ‘cause we are blasting off this year’s first issue. An awesome collection of fiction that takes you all around the globe and then into outer space too. Many new authors, many new adventures. This year’s first is one issue to reckon with.

We open this edition with an “adults only” story. Why? Because it is easily the best of the lot. An amazing pulp story that will give you the jitters and make you rethink your opinions on relations and friendships. It’s from an amazing new talent – author Nicomedes Austin Suárez. Other true pulp tales in here are from John Medaille, Steve Prusky and Jeff Poole. Real hardcore action and entertainment. Feel the filth of the urbane creep up on you. These new FFJ authors will take you to places that will change your view of the world. Give rise to emotions inside you that will make you shiver at your own mindset.

And that’s just half the “story”. Yeah! Science Fiction! Amazing spectacular adventures. We have a brilliant scifi tale from Anna Sykora. Casey Murphy and T.L. Bodine give us Superhero adventures. If you thought that was it, well it isn’t. Who is Alan Dawson? Yes, the rural Sergeant Bert Dalton author is back with yet another investigation into local extraordinary crime. We even investigate the supernatural and not just through Sergeant Dalton, but also in a horror story by Monika Ragland.

So what are you waiting for, dig in. Be sure to check out our new look website. It has been a big upgrade since the last time you visited the site. We completely rebuilt the website on Feb 2012. There will be some dead links for your old bookmarks but all stories are saved and archived in free downloadable PDF formats at http://freedomfiction.com/twisted-tales/

Pulp To Grind Your Senses !!!

Best Wishes,
Ujjwal Dey
Editor for Issue 12, Vol 04.
Freedom Fiction Journal | http://freedomfiction.com/

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An eclectic mix of all flavours of genre fiction

Journal Issue 12; Volume 04
March 2012

* Editor’s Note
* “Dangerous” by Nicomedes Austin Suárez
“The Flight of the Medusa” by Anna Sykora
* “El Diablo Warhola” by John Medaille
* “A New Start” by Steve Prusky
* “Vindictive” by Jeff Poole
* “Ghost Writing” by Monika Ragland
* “The Warrior” by Casey Murphy
* “The Academy” by T.L. Bodine
* “Sergeant Bert Dalton & the Hag” by Alan Dawson
* Artwork Acknowledgements

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