FFJ Anthology Vol 03 – now out for sale

FFJ Anthology Vol 03 (click me)
January 2012

The very best of 2011 now in a 196 page A4 size book.
Cover Image by award winning photographer Eleanor Bennett.

The Twisted Tales – An eclectic mix of all flavours of genre fiction

“Trash*Can*Sam*” by Chris Castle
“Speech Bub” by Chris Castle
“How Do You Say This In Russian?” by Alexandra Burt
“According to Lizzy” by Aloysa
“Quit” by Jon-Paul Stracco
“Jury” by Jim Spry
“They Call Me Madman” by Andrew Bud Adams
“The Eye Of The Beholder” by Rob Ambrose
“The Thunderbird” by Emal Rustemi
“Vanguard” by Sam S. Kepfield
“Jackson Jones: PPI” by Nicholas Coriz
“Ravana” by James Newman
“Cleaning Man” by Tom Larsen
“Playmates” by Thomas Cannon
“I, Sita” by Shefali Choksi
“That Holiday Newsletter” by Diane Arrelle
“Last Bus To Home Planet” by Ujjwal Dey
“Beginners” by Chris Castle
“Voodoo Radio” by Chris Castle

* * * * * * * * * *

Editor’s Note

Welcome to all connoisseurs of fiction and pulp. What a year it has been. The quality of Freedom Fiction Journal (FFJ) publication has grown leaps and bounds through the incredible talent it attracts from the whole wide world. The exceptional authors presented throughout the year have made an impactful presentation of what FFJ now stands to be – a home to diverse and eclectic mix of all genres of superbly crafted short stories.

We launch this third Annual Anthology Edition with great respect and gratitude to the authors, artists and fans who have made us a common name on the internet. We hope to continue bringing a weekly dose of the best and most entertaining fiction spread in the new year as well.

We start of this anthology with back-to-back stories from our most successful and prolific author, Chris Castle. He weaves magic with words. The emotions and sentiments he brings to the fore with his human tales are unmatched so far in FFJ in all its years of existence. So two of his stories start the anthology and then two of his stories end the anthology.

We discovered many new brilliant writers in the past year. Alexandra Burt, Aloysa, Rob Ambrose and Emal Rustemi have brilliant new pulp tales that will make you wonder at the possibilities of fiction and how it can be used to map the human consciousness, endeavours and attitudes. Andrew Bud Adams, Jon-Paul Stracco and Nicholas Coriz surprise us with passionate writing that adds to genre fiction’s best.

Our last year’s favourite, Sam S. Kepfield returns with a historical fiction saga that will warp your mind. James Newman also returns this year with a modern take on a mythological villain. Lot more to name and discover but I won’t spoil your fun. I will simply state that we have 19 spectacular tales awaiting your pleasure in this book. Special thanks to Eleanor Bennett for providing the wonderful cover art for our third anthology.

We provide an eclectic mix of fiction from varying genres in short stories. FFJ is listed in both Ralan.com and Duotrope.com literary guides and meets their guidelines to be listed in their respective websites. We have contributions in fiction and/or art from diverse countries such as: USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Israel, Philippines, Thailand, India, etc. We at FFJ enable sharing of thoughts and expanding of horizons. We also nominate stories for the Pushcart Prize every year.

We have a delightful spread for you in this Anthology. So let the ink flow, behold the canvas – the third Anthology is alive.

Best Wishes,
Ujjwal Dey
Editor for third year of FFJ

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