Through a Mirror, Transcendently by Mark Joseph Kevlock

Through a Mirror, Transcendently by Mark Joseph Kevlock The dimensional abyss yawned wide and my other self stepped through. She was a crime-fighter, a...

The Laughter of the Clown by Mark SaFranko

The Laughter of the Clown by Mark SaFranko The moment Garrett Bernson pushed through the turnstile and went for the vacant bench, he saw...

The Pupfish of Miracle Spring by J.G. Follansbee

The Pupfish of Miracle Spring by J.G. Follansbee Dr. Maxine Riçon, PhD, wept at the absence of water. The algae mat she’d observed for...

Horst’s Hummingbirds by Charles Joseph Albert

Horst’s Hummingbirds by Charles Joseph Albert Horst didn’t become aware of his strange gift he got to college. Not, he told himself years later,...

Television by Mirko Neumann

Television by Mirko Neumann I woke up with a heavy weight on my chest and a bad piercing head ache. I noticed that my...

Coach by Sharon Frame Gay

Coach by Sharon Frame Gay Journal of Lindsey Stone, 1985 “My name is Lindsey Stone. I’m writing in the darkness under the blanket with...

Once I was by Mirko Neumann

Once I was… by Mirko Neumann I woke up to a piercing and throbbing pain in the side of my left leg and I...

Saving the Scapegoat by Jenean McBrearty

Saving the Scapegoat by Jenean McBrearty I didn’t mean to intrude on the Federation neighborhood. I blame it on the foggy mist that rolled...

Della by Lily Tierney

Della by Lily Tierney Originally from Texas, Della is working temp jobs in New York City. Her dream was to become a poet. She...

Cowboy Karma by Gary Ives

Cowboy Karma by Gary Ives Hamer Hogue had a run of good luck. Finally. The sixty dollars and two mules he’d stolen from Gomez...

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Symbols of Freemasons by A.G. Mackey ********** Age Of Reason by Thomas Paine ********** Shiva Worship: Basics of Shaivism by Dr. Duke Savage


Complete Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry: and all fraternal organisations (Illustrated Edition) ********** Occult Science in India and Among the Ancients by Louis Jacolliot  ********** The History of Aryan Rule in India by Ernest Binfield Havell


Xerxes the Great by Jacob Abbott ********** Business by Andrew Carnegie ********** Barsoom Omnibus: 11 Novels in one by Edgar Rice Burroughs


Nature of Leadership by Ujjwal Dey ********** Knowledge Management In Daily Business by Ujjwal Dey ********** Gist of World Religions by Raymond Hamilton


The Eye of the Painter by Andrew Loomis ********** Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis ********** Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis

eyepainter_small      Creative_Loomis_small       headhands_small

Fun with a Pencil by Andrew Loomis ********** Figure Drawing for all its worth by Andrew Loomis ********** Successful Drawing by Andrew Loomis

pencil_small         Figure_small      successful_small

My Inventions Nikola Tesla’s Autobiography by Nikola Tesla  ********** The New World Order by H.G.Wells

Tesla_small               NWOcover

The Tarot of the Bohemians by Papus : Absolute Key to Occult Science ********** Fortune Telling by Cards by P.R.S. Foli ********** Aradia the Gospel of the Witches by Charles G Leland

Bohemians_small     PRSFoli_small      fourwitches_durer_small

Morals and Dogma: Scottish Rite in Freemasonry by Albert Pike ********** Hiram Abiff: a detailed history (Illustrated Edition) by Dr. Duke Savage ********** Secret Societies Unmasked: Illustrated Edition by Dr. Duke Savage

albert_pike  **********  Hiram_Abiff_small  **********  sacrifice_small

The New Testament of Lord Jesus Christ (Annotated, Updated and Revised for 21st century) Edited by Dr. Duke Savage **********  Raja Yoga Conquering the Internal Nature by Swami Vivekananda

new-testament **********   ********** rajayoga_small

Never Volunteer for Anything by Chris Castle


Karaoke by Ilan Herman *************************** A Bullet for my Wife by Raymond Hamilton *************************** Circus Solace by Chris Castle

Karaoke    coverBulletsmall       Circus Solace by Chris Castle. A brilliant new Young Adult novella.

The Cunt Cleaner’s Hobby by Raymond Hamilton  * * * * * * * * * * * * * Twisted Tales Mega-Mania  * * * * * * * * * * * * * Outlaw Justice by K.Randall Ball

cunt mega            outlaw justice

Twisted Tales Volume 03 * * * * * * * * * * * * *  Twisted Tales Volume 02 * * * * * * * * * * * * *  Twisted Tales Volume 01