Snowden Storm by Gary Ives

Snowden Storm by Gary Ives Was it Berlin, or Moscow, Vienna and perhaps Kiev?  But where the Snowden Storm began is really inconsequential.  The...

The Afternoon by Shefali Shah Choksi

The Afternoon by Shefali Shah Choksi The haunting always began in late afternoon. Loud children returned to the shade of their homes to escape...
full saber II

Diogenes by Frederick Foote

Diogenes by Frederick Foote The heavy, humid days of Omaha are taking their toll on me. I have lost my sea legs for high...
with red lips

The Rosie Wood Talent Agency by Gary A. Berg

The Rosie Wood Talent Agency by Gary A. Berg Rosie Wood had seen just about everything in her thirty years in the entertainment industry....

The Solstice Queen by Alex Jensen

The Solstice Queen by Alex Jensen Derek Mill wrote a book about his own life. Three years ago the autobiography awarded him 750,000 dollars....
Mark SaFranko’s novels include Hating Olivia (Harper Perennial), No Strings (Thomas & Mercer), The Suicide (Honest Publishing) Lounge Lizard (Murder Slim Press), God Bless America (Murder Slim Press) and Dirty Work (13E Note Editions). They have collected rave reviews and a cult following in Europe, especially in France, where a fourth novel, Travaux Forces (or Forced Labor) was recently published. His stories have appeared in over 60 magazines and journals internationally, including the renowned Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. In 2005 he won the Frank O’Connor Award from descant magazine for his short fiction. He was cited in Best American Mystery Stories 2000 and has been nominated twice for a Pushcart Prize. Mister SaFranko is also a playwright. His plays have been seen on stages in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as well as many in the United States. As an actor he has appeared in several independent films, including Inner Rage, A Better Place, Shoot George, and The Road From Erebus, which are seen on cable television. His music is available on iTunes.

The Venice Hit by Mark SaFranko

The Venice Hit by Mark SaFranko By now Nicodemo was growing bored with shuttling back and forth on the vaporetto. Though he’d tried all...

FFJ Editor answers about Superhero Fiction

FFJ Editor answers about Superhero Fiction Interview with Nick Fouriezos, a reporter with Nick: I was hoping to interview a Freedom Fiction editor...

Loco Hombre’s Journey Home by Jay Helmstutler

Loco Hombre’s Journey Home by Jay Helmstutler Gonna drive this motherfucker Marcos out to the middle of nowhere and finish this shit. Or should...

A Choice by Anthony Freeman

A Choice by Anthony Freeman A thin silhouette of a young child crouched beneath an ancient wagon, her scraggly form wrapped in comforting shadows...

Pairs by Frederick Foote

Pairs by Frederick Foote “Our mission here is to open this backwater of civilization to the opportunity and promise of the free market world....

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About UsFreedom Fiction is primarily for fans of Speculative Fiction. This consists of genres such as science fiction, fantasy fiction, horror fiction, supernatural fiction, superhero fiction, alternate history, and all their sub-genres. Additionally we are into detective fiction, crime, gangster, hardboiled, noir fiction and very much into pulp fiction.

This is a wide enough net to cast for all you amateur writers. Yes, we aim to publish previously unpublished writers, freelance writers and would be honoured to have published or established writers. If your fiction is unconformist and maybe even not fitting the mentioned genres, do query us and we will see if we can find your story a home at Freedom Fiction. We also publish unheard of genres such as Biker Fiction (made famous in the 70’s by Easyriders magazine). We don’t accept fan-fiction as of now due to ambiguities in its legalities.

We publish flash fiction, fiction short story, fiction novellas and novels as of now.

We are currently not a paying publisher for short-fiction. All content published here will allow the author to retain all copyright and we only hold the web publishing rights and web archive rights to your story. All issues of Freedom Fiction are currently free for readers and we intend to keep it free in the spirit of saving “the short-story” itself. Authors published in Freedom Fiction will be featured with an “About the Author” section on our website. FFJ is open and free to all aficionados of our listed genres.

Like Hemingway said – “Eschew the monumental. Shun the Epic. All the guys who can paint great big pictures can paint great small ones.”

We nominate novellas, novels and stories for the Pushcart Prize every year. You can also join us at our Facebook Page for regular updates of FFJ.

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