Book Review: No Strings by Mark SaFranko

It has been quite a while since I felt like re-reading a book. However books which have a narrative in first person or are...

Book Review of: Goldeneye: Where Bond Was Born

The Commander, the Author and the Escape that made it happen by Ujjwal Dey Review of: Goldeneye: Where Bond Was Born: Ian Fleming’s Jamaica...

392 Days by Christopher Hivner

392 Days by Christopher Hivner I saw metallic wings in the sky, watched them move up and down pushing the cold air in circles....
It took 40 years, but Jim Morrison can now rest in peace. On December 9th, 2010, the Florida board of clemency voted unanimously to grant the Lizard King a pardon for his 1970 convictions on misdemeanor indecent exposure and open profanity charges following the infamous “Miami Incident” at The Doors’ 1969 Dinner Key concert in Coconut Grove.

Jude Riley’s Rocket to the Moon by Daniel Morin

  Jude Riley’s Rocket to the Moon     by Daniel Morin The ape removed a mahogany pipe from his wrinkled lips, blew milky spiced...

Solitude fortresses by Eric A. Howald

Solitude fortresses by Eric A. Howald Tony sloshes remnants of a vodka sour around the ice in his glass. It creates just enough clatter,...

The Living Planet by Gord Cummings

The Living Planet by Gord Cummings “What are you hearing?” “The planet itself. It’s telling me… It doesn’t want to live.” Everyone stopped what...

Limbo by Joseph James

Limbo by Joseph James This was just a place. Nothing more than a solid spot in the effervescence of time and space. A lump...

Gamble Road by Penn Javdan

Gamble Road by Penn Javdan His boots sunk into grass fuzzing over bones mashed by mud that had formed into mounds of peat and...

A New Driver by Kimberly Fore

A New Driver by Kimberly Fore The orange pumpkins had been carved by children and placed upon the church steps for display.  The breeze...

Grasshopper Creek by Ross Peterson

Grasshopper Creek by Ross Peterson I can see it burn from where I sit in the tall grass. It’s been at least an hour...

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