Grasshopper Creek by Ross Peterson

Grasshopper Creek by Ross Peterson I can see it burn from where I sit in the tall grass. It’s been at least an hour...

The Infinite, Invisible by John C. Cannon

The Infinite, Invisible by John C. Cannon The swollen capital had erupted the day before. Elections on the African continent are always dicey. But...

Ghost Hit by James Newman

Ghost Hit by James Newman A darkness hung over the city that evening like an oily black cloth draped over a margarita. The night...
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Fiction Editor answers 6 dire queries from the crowd

Six Questions for Ujjwal Dey, Editor, FictionFreedom.com FreedomFiction.com publishes all genres of fiction in flash, short story, novella and novel length works by known...

Everyman’s Author: A Review of “Dirty Work” of author Mark SaFranko

Everyman’s Author: A Review of DIRTY WORK of author Mark SaFranko I know Mark SaFranko. And after reading Dirty Work, I know for certain...

The Wickepin Hotel by Mel Ciavucco

The Wickepin Hotel by Mel Ciavucco The creaky front door swung open and a blast of hot air rushed towards me as I stood...

Land of the Free by Manuel Moya

Land of the Free by Manuel Moya Lost amidst the mountainous terrain, a traveler attempted to balance his wearying body on the little remaining...

The Dream by Ilan Herman

The Dream by Ilan Herman “Don’t get on the plane,” Andy pleaded. “It’s going to crash! Please listen to me!” The passengers ignored him...

Muscle Movie Review: Expendables 3

They are back and its a bang! This mission starts with the rescue of 8 year hellhole prisoner Wesley Snipes to be rescued off...

Book Review: One Crazy Day

Book Review: One Crazy Day by Jeffrey Frye Published by Murder Slim Press By the time you finish even first 20 pages of this...

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About UsFreedom Fiction is primarily for fans of Speculative Fiction. This consists of genres such as science fiction, fantasy fiction, horror fiction, supernatural fiction, superhero fiction, alternate history, and all their sub-genres. Additionally we are into detective fiction, crime, gangster, hardboiled, noir fiction and very much into pulp fiction.

This is a wide enough net to cast for all you amateur writers. Yes, we aim to publish previously unpublished writers, freelance writers and would be honoured to have published or established writers. If your fiction is unconformist and maybe even not fitting the mentioned genres, do query us and we will see if we can find your story a home at Freedom Fiction. We also publish unheard of genres such as Biker Fiction (made famous in the 70’s by Easyriders magazine). We don’t accept fan-fiction as of now due to ambiguities in its legalities.

We publish flash fiction, fiction short story, fiction novellas and novels as of now.

We are currently not a paying publisher for short-fiction. All content published here will allow the author to retain all copyright and we only hold the web publishing rights and web archive rights to your story. All issues of Freedom Fiction are currently free for readers and we intend to keep it free in the spirit of saving “the short-story” itself. Authors published in Freedom Fiction will be featured with an “About the Author” section on our website. FFJ is open and free to all aficionados of our listed genres.

Like Hemingway said – “Eschew the monumental. Shun the Epic. All the guys who can paint great big pictures can paint great small ones.”

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