Book Review: No Strings by Mark SaFranko


It has been quite a while since I felt like re-reading a book. However books which have a narrative in first person or are otherwise dealing with daily petty life issues seem readable more than once. I mean who reads Harry Potter twice. But it would thrill me to go through the pains of the Russian middleclass again while reading Doctor Zhivago which will hit nerves of common men in any nation on earth.

So I read No Strings by Mark SaFranko again. Every time I go through it, I feel it should be recommended reading for counselling psychologists. If you would hit a man once, you may scare him into doing the right thing, for the fear of God. But if you bludgeon the man with bad luck, he may just create Hell on Earth.

Read it and you will know why I have featured Mark’s many fiction titles so often in these pages.

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